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18 September 2017

Camp Artek hosted the biggest quest on Sustainable Development Goals


A quest is a competition during which participants and teams perform previously prepared tasks. The quest was organized by older camp participants with the support of the UN office in Ukraine and the UN Youth Advisory Model. The tasks of the quest were very adverse and included quizzes about the world education and overcoming gender stereotypes in society. The winning teams received gifts from the UN Office in Ukraine and UN Volunteers.

After the annexation of the Crimea in 2014, the international camp Artek moved to Pushcha Vodytsya near Kyiv.

18 August 2016

Local Bike Activists are Making Avdiivka a more Sustainable and Safe City

"Why do you think I was so angry ... because I did not have a bicycle," - said a famous cartoon character. Applying this phrase to the current situation in Avdiivka in the Donetsk region, one can say that in recent months the city has advanced significantly on the path to a happy community. 

After the implementation of the first project to develop the city’s cycling infrastructure, many local residents have more opportunities to use bicycles - as during July and August this year bicycle parkings were installed near most of Avdiivka’s social facilities, as well as some retail and commercial facilities.

The idea of ​​creating a cycling infrastructure Avdiivka was born a year ago among local bike movement activists and caring citizens. They prepared a project proposal and submitted it to the competition "City with their hands," which is annually organized by the local coke plant. The project involved the creation of a network of bicycle lanes bike parkings. The project idea was that after returning to normal peaceful life, Avdiivka should be a green, friendly to all and environmentally sustainable community. The relative stabilization of the the situation with the shelling of the city and the emergence of a large number of road cyclists was an opportunity to build in the city a network of bicycle parkings,  making transportation around the city by bike a safer and more comfortable experience.

The plan of the future cycling infrastructure, including the list of social and commercial facilities that were to be in the primary list for installation of the new parkings was coordinated with local authorities and relevant stakeholders. Avdiyivsky Metal Construction Details Plant produced the constructions of bike parkings and activists joined their efforts to install them. Thus, in June and August 2016, 50 parking lots were installed in all operating schools and kindergartens, the city railway station, hospitals and markets etc.

According to volunteers who were installing the parkings, townspeople showed interest in the new architectural forms that decorated the city streets - asking questions, giving suggestions, and often joining other volunteers in installing the constructions. Young people - students of local schools № 6, № 1 and № 4 - were also great helpers and participated in the installation process.

The development of cycling infrastructure and the creation of favorable conditions for the public’s use of this most environmentally sound  and healthy mode of transport, can not be limited to creating a network of bike parkings. The city and its residents (not only cyclists, but also mothers with strollers, people with special needs) all require safe bike paths, comfortable sidewalk ramps. This situation is understood by all, but to start living in a more comfortable city, every one has to make at least a small own input.

Author: Oleksii Savkevych

15 August 2016

Enrollment in a study program on integrated urban development is now open

CANactions School for Urban Studies is an experimental educational institution, based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Its programs are based on the exploration of Ukrainian cities, identifying concepts and defining actions for urban development – on strategic as well as tactical levels.

CANactions School for Urban Studies is launching an open call for Advanced Studies in Integrated Urban Development 2016-2017.

This advanced professional program is designed for young specialists from different backgrounds willing to get involved in the process of Ukrainian cities development. Apart from obtaining qualified theoretical knowledge and new practical skills, the students will be engaged in fieldwork and case studies together with more than 20 well-acknowledged educators and practitioners from all over the world.