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26 June 2016

Live Streaming of Announcement of the Results of Competition for the best Quest on Sustainable Development Goals

Over a dozen of quests in 11 regions of Ukraine, almost 500 participants and 300 organizers and volunteers, hundreds of passers-by learned about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Competition for the best quest on SDGs organized by the Partnership for SDGs in Ukraine “Incubator for Green Communities" became the impetus for local communities to move towards sustainable development.

Welcome to join the live streaming of the official announcement of the Competition results. During the online meetings members of the contest Jury will share their impressions of the quests, will give advice to the teams of organizers and will recognize the winners.

The winning teams are invited to join the online meeting with members of the Jury, while the remaining participants and Internet users can watch and ask questions in the chat.

This will be a first, but not last opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions on the contest,  the topic of Sustainable Development Goals and on the lessons learned.

Live stream will take place here: and will also be available at the Partnership’s website and its channel on YouTube

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