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08 June 2016

The most exciting summer event in Kharkiv - the Quest on Sustainable Development Goals

On June 9, 2016, the NGO "New Frontier," in cooperation with the NGO "Kharkiv SMART city," will hold a quest on the 17 Global Goals of Sustainable Development adopted by the U.N.

The event will be held in the very center of Kharkiv’s cultural life - Gorkoho Central Park. The quest’s mission is to familiarize participants with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and, of course, to facilitate the cultural development of Kharkiv youth.

We have set up 17 locations, each representing one of 17 Goals. At each location, teams will perform tasks designed to help them learn more about the SDGs. In particular, participants will be asked questions prompting them to deepen their understanding of problems and even develop strategies to solve them.

About 50 people have expressed a desire to take part in the quest, including internally displaced persons. This quest will unite the city’s most active young people, creating teams to compete against each other in a friendly manner. A team of volunteers will also be involved to assure that the event is a ravishing success.

At the completion of the quest, the teams that score the most points will receive prizes. During the event, a group of photographers will be taking amazing shots, and there will also be a small concert program.

We have hooked the best youth organization in Kharkiv to contribute to the quest, including the NGO "MOST", the Kharkiv Youth City Council, the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, and the Foundation of Regional Initiatives, AISEC.

Contact: Oleh Orekhov

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