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04 June 2016

Join Sherlock in solving the Riddle of Sustainable Development Goals

That's right: those who are lucky to be in Kyiv on June 5, will have the opportunity to participate in the quest SherLocked, dedicated to Sustainable Development Goals, whose hero is Sherlock himself. 

The organizer is International youth organization AIESEC in Kyiv, which supports the global initiative on Sustainable Development Goals and aims not only to raise awareness about these major humanity’s Goals, but also to encourage everyone to action to make the world around us a better place.

During the quest, participants, along with Sherlock, will solve puzzles, mazes and riddles. And all this they will perform in teams of 4-6 persons. Each team will have a route on the territory of the Mariinsky Park. SherLocked Quest will consist of six locations, each dedicated to a specific Goal of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The shortlisted Goals were selected based on a global survey YouthSpeakSurvey, which demonstrated the most topical issues specifially for Ukraine.

‘Sherlocks’ will develop a team spirit not only as small teams, while solving the challenges at the locations, but also all together. Since the last task will be common to all and will symbolize Goal №16 - Peace and Justice. Here, participants will get acquainted with the cultures of Morocco, Germany and France, as the final task will be presented by interns from these countries. In the end everyone will be able to realize their potential in a common task that be the culmination of Sherlock’s search and the key for understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Winners will receive certificates for a visit to the quest-rooms of Questium (Partners of the Quest) and much more.

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