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03 June 2016

On World Environment Day Welcome to Eco-Style Quest in Vinnytsia

If you are young, active, purposeful, committed to self-development, you want to feel drive and have a fun time with friends and also want to know how to save our planet?

We invite you take part in the quest "Eco-Style". On 5 June, on the World Environment Day in Vinnitsa, Central City Park (ex-Gorkoho Park), start at 3 pm near the arch.

Find out more about the Sustainable Development Goals and win a prize for your team.

We welcome everyone!

Organisers are students of the Donetsk National University: Yulia Tkachuk,  Victoria Zhmurko Bogdan Bortun, Oleksandra Popova

Contact: Yulia Tkachuk, phone: +38 (068) 513-4514, email

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