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06 June 2016

Ternopil residents learn why it is cool to be a fish and how to save the world

Last weekend, the event for which all of Ternopil had been waiting finally took place. The "SDG Quest" was a home run! They say you’ll spend the day the way you started your morning. If that wisdom holds true, the rest of this summer will surely be as action-packed as its first weekend. Good feelings spread all around- and we learned a lot!

On June 4, the downtown of Ternopil became a platform for getting acquainted with the Sustainable Development Goals. Seven teams of different ages and backgrounds participated in the quest. 

There were teams of boys aged 26-27 years, students in the 11th grade, university students of different years of study from different universities (Medical, Polytechnic, Economics) and representatives of NGO "Faine Misto". In total, about 70 people were involved in the quest, including volunteers who conducted the quest and instructors of the Youth Center at the NGO "Ukrainian Council for Resuscitation and Emergency Medical Care" who gladly conducted master classes for participants on first aid (Goal 3).

The quest started at noon and lasted for about four and a half hours. Participants discovered all locations on the territory spanning from the theater to the city lake. The tasks were different in form, from writing project applications and conducting public opinion polls to unraveling puzzles and fun tasks such as: "Why it is cool to be a fish?" (Goal 14 - Life Under Water). Also, teams had a chance to play a moot trial at the location for Goal 16. Tired but happy, all the participants met together for the final location, number 17.

Here is what participants of the Quest said:

"It was just super mega cool and fun and interesting and informative! Thank you to the organizers and volunteers, you just rock! It was nice talking to each one and learning from them ..."
Tania Fedorova (NGO "Faine Misto")

"On June 4 instructors from the Youth Center conducted master classes in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and on stopping arterial and venous bleeding for participants of the quest on Sustainable Development Goals. Thank you for your positive emotions and new friends" 
(from the group

More photos and feedback can be found using #sdgquest or #aiesec_te. See more on the event’s page Disc and Instagram.

Many partners contributed to the event. Some of them had not heard of the Sustainable Development Goals and were pleasantly surprised that young people in Ternopil were interested in these topics.

We the team of organizers hope that this quest is only the beginning! We plan to conduct similar and other activities related to the Sustainable Development Goals. Also, in a few days we will release a short movie about the quest.

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