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14 June 2016

Members of the Lviv Region's Euroclubs Rally Around Quality Education

Members of Euroclub "LIFE" at the Sambir Specialized School № 8 with intensive study of English in the Lviv region decided to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and become part of the campaign.

We gathered on the eve of Europe Day to discuss the 17 Goals and plan an interesting quest for the 23 teams from the Lviv region’s Euroclubs coming to our ancient city Sambir to celebrate its 775th anniversary. We discussed which SDG we should choose and how we can combine all the activities during the celebration of Europe Day with the quest. There are a lot of problems to solve, but we did not have a shortage of ideas or suggestions. We answered all the challenges and rallied around the idea and aims of the quest - and conducted it on 21 May.

We want to live better and receive a quality education. We want to overcome poverty and strive for prosperity. We strongly support environmental protection, and we volunteer and support those combating climate change.

Organizers of the quest rallied around Julia Vovk - former president of our Euroclub, currently a student in Lviv. Such cooperation between teachers, the school and university students proves that there is no distinction between juniors or seniors - there is a team ready to do the job.

We decided that the quest would be dedicated to one of the Sustainable Development Goals, namely high-quality, practical education for life aimed at the acquisition of knowledge and skills that contribute to the formation of a new conscious society with a worldview and values. We want to promote development that guarantees social benefits, economic growth and environmental protection.

The 23 European clubs that took part in the quest divided into six teams, which meant we had mixed groups of participants. Aside from the SDG-related questions, we decided to add questions about the city of Sambir and its architectural gems. For each team, the challenge started near one of the most interesting architectural ensembles of the city, making it possible to combine history, architecture and culture with the issues concerning the educational Goal and education in general. After all - what is education worth by itself without the support of the community? When people learn to care for their heritage, they understand that without education and the desire to learn one’s own culture and to enrich other cultures, a person cannot live a normal life.

For each challenge of the quest, the teams had to find a location by a photo and answer questions, including general questions, those related to all SDGs, and more specific questions on the issue of quality education. Each team chose its own tactics, but only the results and speed were taken into account when judging performance.

The quest was conducted by volunteers who were members of the Euroclub "LIFE". They noted that local residents displayed interest in the quest by approaching the participants and listening to the questions and answers. Participants, which included students from different cities and Euroclubs, were actively trying to win by promptly solving riddles.

At the awarding ceremony after the quest, participants received prizes kindly provided by our sponsors - the European Union Delegation, Lviv Regional Institute for Training of Teachers (Khrystyna Hural), Lviv European Information Centre (Oleh Protsak) and Euroclub "LIFE" from Sambir.

Author: Tetyana Hrynkevych, teacher of English, coordinator of Sambir Euroclubs, mentor of Euroclub "LIFE"

Photos - Olena Hrunska, Euroclub "LIFE"

Quest chief organizer - Yulia Vovk, student, former President of Euroclub "LIFE",
Responsible for locations - volunteers, Euroclub "LIFE"

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