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07 June 2016

Useful and Fun Start of Summer for Mykolayiv Kids - Discovering Sustainable Development Goals

For Mykolaiv kids and their parents, summer got off to a fun start. On June 1, which coincidentally marks the annual International Children's Day, local kids took part in the first children's quest game based around Sustainable Development and environment preservation.

Lydia Vasylkova, head of the Club of the Political Analysis “StrekoZa," and Yulia Bolhak, head of the Center for Tourism and Environmental Protection "Save the World," served as the organizers of the quest. They designed the quest with a series of games so that the children could learn about protecting the environment in a fun, attention-grabbing way.
"Сhildren - internally displaced persons - who had to leave their homes in eastern Ukraine with their parents were invited to the quest. This is not the first time that we invite them to our events, we do not forget about them during holidays and often simply come to the rescue during the week. In addition, we invited multiple-child families who were grateful for the holiday and for a useful idea for kids. We are pleasantly surprised by the number of participants - we planned that all children interact together and talk, because among them there were local kids who live in the Ingulskyi district of Myikolaiv." 
Lydia Vasylkova,  co-organizer of the quest

Each participant had to pass six stations, namely locations, each of which carried the special. At the first station, the children drew pictures of what they could do to preserve the environment. Then, each picture became part of a street exhibition, much to the amusement of visitors and their parents.

The second station included an active game, and the third station gave young participants a chance to focus and try their skills in origami after a special master class. The fourth station, "Tree of Knowledge," contained hand-drawn fruits with riddles about natural phenomena. Each participant who solved a riddle received a sweet prize and went to the fifth station, where they had to guess the leaves growing on a particular tree. The last station included a collage on the theme "Dream Park", where children drew and posted ideas that they wanted to see in a park.

After six stations, participants collected the letters to a vital life lesson: "Nature is our Home!". To finish the day, the children enjoyed a bubbles show and received candy for prizes.
"Their future depends on us. Our future depends on them. That's why we decided on June 1 to hold an interesting quest on Sustainable Development Goals, which has promoted awareness among children of their role in nature." 
Julia Bolhak, co-organizer of the quest


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