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15 June 2016

Young Sherlocks Participate in the First Quest on Sustainable Development Goals in Kyiv

On 5 June, AIESEC in Kyiv organized the city’s first quest on Sustainable Development Goals. Small kids, parents, grandparents and most of the passers-by in Kyiv's Mariinskyi Park saw our locations and learned that we were organizing a quest.

At the outset, the quest’s name “SherLocked” promised participants many riddles, secrets and more to keep their heads busy. We the organizers wanted to convey the important goals of humanity’s development by using the engaging and youth-relevant brand of Sherlock Holmes. Each of the six locations along the quest also had its own theme related to a UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). Location themes ranged from SDG #4: Quality Education to SDG #14: Life Below Water. Perhaps students on Sunday morning do not want to think about their impact on the world, but thanks to Sherlock Holmes they developed a deeper understanding of the SDGs even on a carefree sunny day.

The quest’s locations covered various spheres of life in Ukraine and abroad, including SDG # 7: Affordable & Clean Energy, SDG # 13: Climate Action, and SDG #16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. Furthermore, we wanted to highlight the Goals that are not popular among young people, even though they require public attention. Such Goals include SDG #9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure, SDG #11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, and SDG#14: Life Below Water. The overarching idea was to expose these topics to participants and the public while making them simple and easy to understand.

In total, eight young “Sherlocks” were broken up into three teams to solve the guest’s riddles. Here is some of their feedback:
"While others were sleeping on a Sunday, we got up at 8 AM to catch the Quest. And to tell you the truth, I do not regret it because I spent the morning with friends at Mariinsky Park developing not only physically (we had to run) but also intellectually! It was interesting ... difficult. We, Alyona and Andrew, ran through the park searching for the next location with only 5 minutes to find it. The park was great, as were the mazes and the decoding of riddles and even the fish! Well, of course, our team won (because we're great), but we had to sweat. Anyway, when I remember the day a smile appears. Thank you))"
Ganna, Student at NaUKMA
"Through this quest, I could better understand what SDGs are and how can I take part in their implementation. In particular, I remember the task of creating our own city at the heart of which was the goal of innovation and infrastructure. Everything was not as easy as we thought)) But still, I liked it))) "
Inna, Project Manager

Partners of the Quest SherLocked:
  • AIESEC - logistics and media channels
  • QUESTIUM - awarded certificates for free to quest and rooms visits to the winners
  • Printing company Only-Print - provided a discount on printing flyers

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