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13 June 2016

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals is Difficult Yet Fascinating - Kharkiv Youth

On 9 June, an engaging and important event took place in Kharkiv in order to introduce a large number of local youth to the 17 Global Goals adopted by the UN. The NGO "New Frontiers," together with the NGO “Kharkiv SMART City,” held a quest during which participants tried to solve various problems to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

At the beginning of the event, the participants were grouped into five teams that stuck together as they moved from location to location during the quest. In total, the quest had nine stops, each representing a different SDG. Throughout the race, friendly volunteers at each location greeted the teams and closely followed teams’ creative completion of the assignments. The enthusiasm of the organizing hosts motivated the participants as they embarked upon their quest.

Each team got acquainted with the SDGs and performed various exciting tasks. Some teams were more creative, while some surprised the jury with their ability to face extremely difficult challenges. As long as this was a game, there had to be a winner. The teams were ranked based upon the number of points scored, with points being awarded for creative and fast completion of tasks. At the conclusion of the quest, all teams were invited on stage for the presentation of sweet-tasting prizes. The winning team, with the bright name of "ToHtyk" (team leader Miliena Malayan), received the most delicious prize - a great chocolate cake.

A great and friendly team of volunteers worked on the creation and execution of the quest, including incredibly creative people such as designers and photographers. These volunteers were the ones who gave the event its incredible and wonderful ‘color’.

For posterity's sake, our photographers took over 200 shots during the quest. Also, our participants wanted to share their impressions after the quest. That is why we made a small video in which everyone expresses their opinion on the event. In the end, the “Global Goals” quest fulfilled its primary mission and educated the participants about the UN SDGs. Now, we all know that achieving the SDGs is difficult. However, working to achieve them is incredibly interesting.

In the organization of the event, we were supported by some of Kharkiv’s best youth organizations: the NGO "MOST", Kharkiv City Council Youth at Kharkiv Mayor’s Office, and the city’s most youth-friendly university - Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics.

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