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02 June 2016

Partnership for Sustainable Development Goals in Ukraine registered by the United Nations

Partnership for Sustainable Development Goals in Ukraine - Incubator for Green Communities - registered on the corresponding United Nations website (# 11915). Welcome to learn about its foundations. This is a living document and will change with the development of the Partnership.


The Partnership will improve awareness about the SDGs in Ukraine, map and include multiple stakeholders, facilitate the adoption of community-level plans to achieve SDGs, and mentor Ukraine’s eco-villages and aspiring ‘smart cities’ in the implementation of innovative pilot projects. We will help communities fundraise, efficiently use resources, accumulate and transfer knowledge, and scale successful practices, striving for integrated, sustainable and scalable approaches. The Partnership will ensure the local ownership of its activities, and that participating communities use all the talents, experience, and wisdom of both men and women, and address the needs of all their members, especially the vulnerable groups.

Implementation methodologies

The Partnership will pool together members’ talent and treasure and use crowdsourcing and crowdfunding to mentor Ukraine’s communities in achieving SDGs. We will target both innovative communities (in particular ‘eco-villages’ and aspiring ‘smart cities’) and struggling ones which will be willing to cooperate in integrating SDGs in their development/recovery strategies. We are building a multi-stakeholder Partnership and will engage a wide network of external partners. We will involve professionals and volunteers for the incubation and implementation of local projects and programs aimed at qualitative changes in these communities throughout Ukraine. We will work with these communities to raise funds, to achieve tangible positive change, to share success stories and learn from others’ mistakes, and to disseminate best practices.

To commence the Partnership’s engagement, any community in Ukraine will be able to fill in a simple form voicing its interest. A community in this case can be represented by either formal officials or non-formal leaders (activists, NGOs). The Partnership will facilitate the development of the needs assessment and the drafting of community development/recovery strategies integrating SDGs while also ensuring local ownership and adequate resourcing. Based on the performance at this initial stage some communities will advance to the incubation stage.

Communities which make it to the Incubator will receive access to the Partnership’s national and international network of volunteers, professionals, and investors, along with its knowledge base. Each community will have a separate team that will work with it and will receive access to a wider pool of talent and treasure. Regular internal grant competitions for Partnership members and participating communities will be conducted to facilitate implementation of pilot projects. The Partnership will ensure that the technologies and approaches applied will be the most efficient, eco-friendly and safe.

 Coordination mechanisms, including mechanisms for evaluating impact

This Partnership is a collaborative arrangement regarding the advancement of SDGs in Ukraine, involving multiple stakeholders with different experiences, scale of operations and interests. The Partnership will ensure equitable regional representation, including representation from government-controlled areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. All partners value life and dignity, share humanist principles, respect nature and have the internal motivation to take action. Partners will work together to make Ukraine an open, equitable and eco-friendly society.

The Partnership will provide space for stakeholders to collectively and selectively coordinate with one another to varying degrees to achieve both individual and shared objectives. The coordination mechanisms will be tailored to ensure the trust-building between participating stakeholders, transparency of collective decision making, equity in distribution and accountable use of critical resources.

The Partnership will be governed by the Coordinating Committee and administered by the Coordinator(s). The respective Terms of Reference and Operating Procedures will be approved by the Committee and amended from time to time. The Committee will establish working groups and designate project teams, to ensure that the Partnership’s activities address political, legal, economic and development issues holistically and strategically, and that projects are evidence-based and results-oriented. A key objective is to encourage greater collaboration on solutions, deliverables and desired outcomes of the joint action. The Partnership’s governance/coordination will be done primarily via online tools, including a Google+ community, teleconferences and cloud solutions such as Google Docs.

To evaluate impact, the Partnership will collect baseline information, conduct initial assessment of pilot communities’ compliance to SDGs and then regularly monitor progress in relevant communities, mapping stakeholders and updating 3Ws. Partners, working groups and project teams will be encouraged to share success stories and update the Committee on the challenges faced.

To ensure transparency, the Partnership’s news, progress reports and other documents will be made available online for the general public, at the website:, websites and social media platforms of participants and partners. The Partnership will ensure regular reporting to relevant national and global SDGs coordination mechanisms.

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