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26 June 2016

Live Streaming of Announcement of the Results of Competition for the best Quest on Sustainable Development Goals

Over a dozen of quests in 11 regions of Ukraine, almost 500 participants and 300 organizers and volunteers, hundreds of passers-by learned about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Competition for the best quest on SDGs organized by the Partnership for SDGs in Ukraine “Incubator for Green Communities" became the impetus for local communities to move towards sustainable development.

Welcome to join the live streaming of the official announcement of the Competition results. During the online meetings members of the contest Jury will share their impressions of the quests, will give advice to the teams of organizers and will recognize the winners.

The winning teams are invited to join the online meeting with members of the Jury, while the remaining participants and Internet users can watch and ask questions in the chat.

This will be a first, but not last opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions on the contest,  the topic of Sustainable Development Goals and on the lessons learned.

Live stream will take place here: and will also be available at the Partnership’s website and its channel on YouTube

15 June 2016

Young Sherlocks Participate in the First Quest on Sustainable Development Goals in Kyiv

On 5 June, AIESEC in Kyiv organized the city’s first quest on Sustainable Development Goals. Small kids, parents, grandparents and most of the passers-by in Kyiv's Mariinskyi Park saw our locations and learned that we were organizing a quest.

At the outset, the quest’s name “SherLocked” promised participants many riddles, secrets and more to keep their heads busy. We the organizers wanted to convey the important goals of humanity’s development by using the engaging and youth-relevant brand of Sherlock Holmes. Each of the six locations along the quest also had its own theme related to a UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). Location themes ranged from SDG #4: Quality Education to SDG #14: Life Below Water. Perhaps students on Sunday morning do not want to think about their impact on the world, but thanks to Sherlock Holmes they developed a deeper understanding of the SDGs even on a carefree sunny day.

The quest’s locations covered various spheres of life in Ukraine and abroad, including SDG # 7: Affordable & Clean Energy, SDG # 13: Climate Action, and SDG #16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. Furthermore, we wanted to highlight the Goals that are not popular among young people, even though they require public attention. Such Goals include SDG #9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure, SDG #11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, and SDG#14: Life Below Water. The overarching idea was to expose these topics to participants and the public while making them simple and easy to understand.

In total, eight young “Sherlocks” were broken up into three teams to solve the guest’s riddles. Here is some of their feedback:
"While others were sleeping on a Sunday, we got up at 8 AM to catch the Quest. And to tell you the truth, I do not regret it because I spent the morning with friends at Mariinsky Park developing not only physically (we had to run) but also intellectually! It was interesting ... difficult. We, Alyona and Andrew, ran through the park searching for the next location with only 5 minutes to find it. The park was great, as were the mazes and the decoding of riddles and even the fish! Well, of course, our team won (because we're great), but we had to sweat. Anyway, when I remember the day a smile appears. Thank you))"
Ganna, Student at NaUKMA
"Through this quest, I could better understand what SDGs are and how can I take part in their implementation. In particular, I remember the task of creating our own city at the heart of which was the goal of innovation and infrastructure. Everything was not as easy as we thought)) But still, I liked it))) "
Inna, Project Manager

Partners of the Quest SherLocked:
  • AIESEC - logistics and media channels
  • QUESTIUM - awarded certificates for free to quest and rooms visits to the winners
  • Printing company Only-Print - provided a discount on printing flyers

Event page:


Time for Global Action - The Quest on Sustainable Development Goals in Melitopol

For the first time, the small town of Melitopol in the Zaporizhia region hosted a quest dedicated to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The quest, named "Time for Global Action," was organized by teachers and students of the Melitopol Specialized School № 23. The quest offered the school an excellent opportunity to organize a large-scale event centered around its mission.

The quest had two admirable goals. First, it aimed to raise awareness about SDGs amongst school students and members of the community. Second, it was designed to prompt participants to search for the tools to face challenges and implement the SDGs in their local community.

In total, four schools participated in the quest. The participants were divided into five teams, each consisting of 4-6 participants of all ages and genders. Each team also had two coordinators - an assistant and a tutor. One coordinator was a teacher and one was a student of the organizing school № 23.

Each team moved according to a unique route developed by its tutor. For this reason, teams developed different specializations, such as the "International Language Group," the "Design Bureau," the "Natural Scientists," the "Theater Company," and the "Olympic Team." During the entirety of the quest, teams acted using the skills possessed by the professionals in their corresponding specialization. All teams had five challenges, each designed to familiarize participants with the Sustainable Development Goals. The challenges also prompted the teams to look for tools to solve problems and showed the participants that they actually possess the ability to improve the situation in their local communities. The practical result that the quest coordinators set out to achieve was a complete map of Ukraine with a list of tools to implement the 17 SDGs and corresponding 169 targets.

Understanding that children are on summer holidays, the quest organizers during the last two challenges organized tasks such as recognizing QR-codes and working with geo-objects, which are innovative technologies for education. Performing tasks using mobile devices, participants quickly found answers to questions and formulated ways to solve problems. The two and a half hours of the quest flashed by like a minute!

During the implementation of the quest, organizers effectively cooperated with employees of the city park where the event was held. Specially, they worked with the park’s director, Anatoliy Demyanenko, and the park organizer, Olha Zvereva. They also received effective assistance from employees of the child health clinic, pharmacies, shops, schools, and colleges.

At the end of the event, the teams received awards, certificates from the quest organizers, and gifts from city council member Roman Romanov.

The ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said:
"Work on the hard while it’s easy, And take care of the large while it’s small. The hard things in the universe necessarily arise from the easy matter, and the serious matters of the universe necessarily arise from the trivial." 
So start with yourselves!

Quest coordinator: Victoria Knyazeva, teacher of ICT at School № 23, Melitopol.

Tutors (responsible for challenges): Iryna Yeliseeva, Adil Seitosmanov, Victoria Knyazeva, Vlad Zavhorodniy, Oksana Struts, Veronika Shumakova, Olena Tyurina, Oleksandr Vecheria, Inna Pokusa, Viktoria Novikova.

Feedback from participants:
“Everything was cool. Our team came in first at the finish!”
Maria Trofimchuk, 8th grade student, School № 23

“Our future depends on us. Let's make it better! For us it is not a game, it is a reality! Each of us can do something effective to help! Our class will help protect the environment. We invite you to join us!”
Vlad Mischenko and Kateryna Shmatko, 7th grade students, School № 1

“The game, the race, the challenges, new knowledge, new friends, a new look at the problems that always seemed simple and not pressing. Topical, informative, impressive!”
Daniil Naumov, 7th grade student, Gymnasium № 10


Local press coverage:

14 June 2016

Members of the Lviv Region's Euroclubs Rally Around Quality Education

Members of Euroclub "LIFE" at the Sambir Specialized School № 8 with intensive study of English in the Lviv region decided to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and become part of the campaign.

We gathered on the eve of Europe Day to discuss the 17 Goals and plan an interesting quest for the 23 teams from the Lviv region’s Euroclubs coming to our ancient city Sambir to celebrate its 775th anniversary. We discussed which SDG we should choose and how we can combine all the activities during the celebration of Europe Day with the quest. There are a lot of problems to solve, but we did not have a shortage of ideas or suggestions. We answered all the challenges and rallied around the idea and aims of the quest - and conducted it on 21 May.

We want to live better and receive a quality education. We want to overcome poverty and strive for prosperity. We strongly support environmental protection, and we volunteer and support those combating climate change.

Organizers of the quest rallied around Julia Vovk - former president of our Euroclub, currently a student in Lviv. Such cooperation between teachers, the school and university students proves that there is no distinction between juniors or seniors - there is a team ready to do the job.

We decided that the quest would be dedicated to one of the Sustainable Development Goals, namely high-quality, practical education for life aimed at the acquisition of knowledge and skills that contribute to the formation of a new conscious society with a worldview and values. We want to promote development that guarantees social benefits, economic growth and environmental protection.

The 23 European clubs that took part in the quest divided into six teams, which meant we had mixed groups of participants. Aside from the SDG-related questions, we decided to add questions about the city of Sambir and its architectural gems. For each team, the challenge started near one of the most interesting architectural ensembles of the city, making it possible to combine history, architecture and culture with the issues concerning the educational Goal and education in general. After all - what is education worth by itself without the support of the community? When people learn to care for their heritage, they understand that without education and the desire to learn one’s own culture and to enrich other cultures, a person cannot live a normal life.

For each challenge of the quest, the teams had to find a location by a photo and answer questions, including general questions, those related to all SDGs, and more specific questions on the issue of quality education. Each team chose its own tactics, but only the results and speed were taken into account when judging performance.

The quest was conducted by volunteers who were members of the Euroclub "LIFE". They noted that local residents displayed interest in the quest by approaching the participants and listening to the questions and answers. Participants, which included students from different cities and Euroclubs, were actively trying to win by promptly solving riddles.

At the awarding ceremony after the quest, participants received prizes kindly provided by our sponsors - the European Union Delegation, Lviv Regional Institute for Training of Teachers (Khrystyna Hural), Lviv European Information Centre (Oleh Protsak) and Euroclub "LIFE" from Sambir.

Author: Tetyana Hrynkevych, teacher of English, coordinator of Sambir Euroclubs, mentor of Euroclub "LIFE"

Photos - Olena Hrunska, Euroclub "LIFE"

Quest chief organizer - Yulia Vovk, student, former President of Euroclub "LIFE",
Responsible for locations - volunteers, Euroclub "LIFE"

Materials, photos:

13 June 2016

Start with One Sustainable Development Goal, Be Practical and Reach Out - Lviv Youth

On 4 June, a quest named "Global Goals 2030" took place in Lviv, organized by the local committee of AIESEC. Since AIESEC supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in its activities and contributes to the SDGs, it was a great opportunity to further raise Lviv residents’ awareness and make an input to the SDGs.

In total, 26 persons (non-members of AIESEC-Lviv) participated in the quest. Participants ranged in age from 15 to 35, most of them students. Organizers formed four teams of 6-7 people, with each team having its own coordinator.

At the beginning of the quest, organizers briefed the participants about the Sustainable Development Goals and the practical importance of this quest, along with the need for the involvement of the local community. Each team received posters of all the SDGs, and then chose the one that was most important to them and that they wished to contribute to the most. Based upon the SDG they chose, the teams then went to locations that were associated with a particular city or place connected with the SDG. On the way to the location, coordinators told the teams more about the SDG they had selected. At the locations, teams were tasked with solving riddles and asked questions about their chosen Goals. At their first locations, the teams were assigned the task of creating mini-projects on the selected Goals. The mini-projects were required to have practical applications for wider populations and have a demonstrable effect in achieving SDGs.

The first team chose Goal 6: "Clean water and sanitation." To start, the participants identified the problem they wanted to solve, namely: access to clean drinking water in the city center. The team then developed a plan to attract different sectors and stakeholders to the problem. The aim of their project is to establish a mechanized water supply through special machines or special water drinking fountains which everyone can use. Along these lines, the team’s main credo is: water should be cheap and available for everyone! In order to assure the project is impactful, the team members developed a clear mechanism of realization. Firstly, a sociological study will be conducted to identify where and how many machines need to be installed. Secondly, all necessary permits for the installation of structures will be obtained from the local authorities. Finally, a company that will supply drinking water will be determined. The plan also aims to attract partners and sponsors during the project.

The second team chose Goal 4: "Quality education." They designed a project entitled "Future Institute," an internship program for students and graduates of Ukrainian universities. Internships will be developed in conjunction with companies and organizations in order to provide professional orientation and skills improvement for interns. During their internships, students will have the opportunity to attend lectures in order to invest their time efficiently. The project will allow youth to have internships in relevant business environments - specifically companies - under the supervision of company representatives and founders. The Future Institute will become a platform for cooperation between the employers represented by the private sector and students as future employees. Expected results include: trained personnel for employers, simplification of hiring and employment, skills development, and encouraging students to work according to their specialty.

The third team chose Goal 13: "Climate action." When answering questions about this SDG, participants were surprised to learn that their understanding of the climate crisis differs substantially from what actually takes place. Therefore, the team developed a project idea to emphasizing this global problem in the most practical manner. Participants created a video on environmental contamination. The project involved surveying and informing passers-by about this Goal. Later, the team members printed images of environmental disasters and filmed a video. Immediate implementation resulted in increased interest from passers-by after the team focused their attention on the causes and effects of climate change.

The fourth team chose Goal 5: "Gender equality" since the problem of gender inequality is perhaps the least recognized problem that the SDGs strive to alleviate. First, the participants did a survey of passers-by and then summarized statistics based upon the poll results. The project "We are different but equal" was envisaged as consisting of many simple initiatives promoting equality between men and women as well as recognition of the problem of inequality. One of the initiatives is a viral campaign on promoting to women jobs which are considered stereotypically male and vice versa. The project also consists of putting up posters with male and female silhouettes, and of course the dissemination of the results of polls indicating the existence of inequalities in the media. Expected results include recognition of inequality in society and its eventual elimination.

After choosing their Goals, the teams moved to their locations where they performed practical tasks for their selected Goals and began looking for answers to questions. During the quest, participants endeavored to be as creative as possible in engaging members of the local community.

In total, the quest lasted about four hours. All participants and volunteers were tired but happy and pleased to prove that everyone can make a positive impact in society to achieve SDGs.
"I liked the quest. We received a memorable experience and met new people, and I hope we managed to convey to the people the urgency of certain problems. Thank you to all the organizers for a wonderful atmosphere and an informative quest".
Nastya, a quest participant
The organizers awarded certificates to all participants "for contribution to Global Goals for Sustainable Development" and gave discounts to all the international internships organized by AIESEC which are aimed at achieving SDGs. The winners also received certificates for free participation in the language school with foreign interns. And of course, all participants received sweet gifts from AIESEC’s partner in Lviv.

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals is Difficult Yet Fascinating - Kharkiv Youth

On 9 June, an engaging and important event took place in Kharkiv in order to introduce a large number of local youth to the 17 Global Goals adopted by the UN. The NGO "New Frontiers," together with the NGO “Kharkiv SMART City,” held a quest during which participants tried to solve various problems to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

At the beginning of the event, the participants were grouped into five teams that stuck together as they moved from location to location during the quest. In total, the quest had nine stops, each representing a different SDG. Throughout the race, friendly volunteers at each location greeted the teams and closely followed teams’ creative completion of the assignments. The enthusiasm of the organizing hosts motivated the participants as they embarked upon their quest.

Each team got acquainted with the SDGs and performed various exciting tasks. Some teams were more creative, while some surprised the jury with their ability to face extremely difficult challenges. As long as this was a game, there had to be a winner. The teams were ranked based upon the number of points scored, with points being awarded for creative and fast completion of tasks. At the conclusion of the quest, all teams were invited on stage for the presentation of sweet-tasting prizes. The winning team, with the bright name of "ToHtyk" (team leader Miliena Malayan), received the most delicious prize - a great chocolate cake.

A great and friendly team of volunteers worked on the creation and execution of the quest, including incredibly creative people such as designers and photographers. These volunteers were the ones who gave the event its incredible and wonderful ‘color’.

For posterity's sake, our photographers took over 200 shots during the quest. Also, our participants wanted to share their impressions after the quest. That is why we made a small video in which everyone expresses their opinion on the event. In the end, the “Global Goals” quest fulfilled its primary mission and educated the participants about the UN SDGs. Now, we all know that achieving the SDGs is difficult. However, working to achieve them is incredibly interesting.

In the organization of the event, we were supported by some of Kharkiv’s best youth organizations: the NGO "MOST", Kharkiv City Council Youth at Kharkiv Mayor’s Office, and the city’s most youth-friendly university - Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics.

08 June 2016

The most exciting summer event in Kharkiv - the Quest on Sustainable Development Goals

On June 9, 2016, the NGO "New Frontier," in cooperation with the NGO "Kharkiv SMART city," will hold a quest on the 17 Global Goals of Sustainable Development adopted by the U.N.

The event will be held in the very center of Kharkiv’s cultural life - Gorkoho Central Park. The quest’s mission is to familiarize participants with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and, of course, to facilitate the cultural development of Kharkiv youth.

We have set up 17 locations, each representing one of 17 Goals. At each location, teams will perform tasks designed to help them learn more about the SDGs. In particular, participants will be asked questions prompting them to deepen their understanding of problems and even develop strategies to solve them.

About 50 people have expressed a desire to take part in the quest, including internally displaced persons. This quest will unite the city’s most active young people, creating teams to compete against each other in a friendly manner. A team of volunteers will also be involved to assure that the event is a ravishing success.

At the completion of the quest, the teams that score the most points will receive prizes. During the event, a group of photographers will be taking amazing shots, and there will also be a small concert program.

We have hooked the best youth organization in Kharkiv to contribute to the quest, including the NGO "MOST", the Kharkiv Youth City Council, the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, and the Foundation of Regional Initiatives, AISEC.

Contact: Oleh Orekhov

07 June 2016

Time for Global Action - City Quest in Melitopol

On 9 June Melitopol School №23 will host the city quest for schoolchildren "Time for Global Action".

The event, which will take place in Horky Park, aims to familiarize students and teachers with the Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030, disseminate information about them and attract students to finding tools for implementing these Goals and achieving them in Ukraine. These Sustainable Development Goals were adopted by the United Nations in September 2015 and are the targets for international development in the future.

Participation in the competition is open to teams of secondary schools, teams to include five members: four students of 5-8 grades and one teacher. The participants should have at least some idea about the QR-codes and geo-balls and have them operate, and must be familiar with the Sustainable Development Goals. Also, at least one participant must have a tablet or smartphone with Android OS with the Layer App installed on it.

Useful and Fun Start of Summer for Mykolayiv Kids - Discovering Sustainable Development Goals

For Mykolaiv kids and their parents, summer got off to a fun start. On June 1, which coincidentally marks the annual International Children's Day, local kids took part in the first children's quest game based around Sustainable Development and environment preservation.

Lydia Vasylkova, head of the Club of the Political Analysis “StrekoZa," and Yulia Bolhak, head of the Center for Tourism and Environmental Protection "Save the World," served as the organizers of the quest. They designed the quest with a series of games so that the children could learn about protecting the environment in a fun, attention-grabbing way.
"Сhildren - internally displaced persons - who had to leave their homes in eastern Ukraine with their parents were invited to the quest. This is not the first time that we invite them to our events, we do not forget about them during holidays and often simply come to the rescue during the week. In addition, we invited multiple-child families who were grateful for the holiday and for a useful idea for kids. We are pleasantly surprised by the number of participants - we planned that all children interact together and talk, because among them there were local kids who live in the Ingulskyi district of Myikolaiv." 
Lydia Vasylkova,  co-organizer of the quest

Each participant had to pass six stations, namely locations, each of which carried the special. At the first station, the children drew pictures of what they could do to preserve the environment. Then, each picture became part of a street exhibition, much to the amusement of visitors and their parents.

The second station included an active game, and the third station gave young participants a chance to focus and try their skills in origami after a special master class. The fourth station, "Tree of Knowledge," contained hand-drawn fruits with riddles about natural phenomena. Each participant who solved a riddle received a sweet prize and went to the fifth station, where they had to guess the leaves growing on a particular tree. The last station included a collage on the theme "Dream Park", where children drew and posted ideas that they wanted to see in a park.

After six stations, participants collected the letters to a vital life lesson: "Nature is our Home!". To finish the day, the children enjoyed a bubbles show and received candy for prizes.
"Their future depends on us. Our future depends on them. That's why we decided on June 1 to hold an interesting quest on Sustainable Development Goals, which has promoted awareness among children of their role in nature." 
Julia Bolhak, co-organizer of the quest


Download more photos:

06 June 2016

On Environment Day, Vinnytsia Youth Planted Flowers, Played Charades and Aimed for Sustainable Development Goals

On June 5, to mark the occasion of the World Environment Day, psychology students at the Faculty of Language Studies of the Donetsk National University organized and conducted the “Eco-Style” Quest in Vinnitsa’s Central City Park. The purpose of the quest was to familiarize the community with the challenges of sustainable development.

Participants of the quest formed five teams: "Bentos", "Winnie-the-Poohs", "Pirates of the Donetsk Sea", "Nikita", and "Richword". In total, 30 people of all ages attended the quest. Participants were from different universities and educational institutions of Vinnitsa. Students of the Language Studies and Law Faculties of the Donetsk National University took active part in the event.

All tasks of the quest were built so that the participants could learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Participants had to pass nine stations, each station reflecting a specific SDG. Among them were: "No poverty", "End hunger and achieve improved nutrition", "Ensure healthy lives", "Ensure quality education", "Ensure availability and sustainable management of water", "Combating climate change and its impacts", "Conservation and sustainable use of the oceans, seas and marine resources", "Protection and restoration of ecosystems", and "Promoting peaceful and inclusive societies".

Participants performed different tasks relevant to the stations, including planting plants, solving puzzles, looking for answers to questions and many more.

After the quest, participants had many impressions, which they gladly shared with the organizers:
"Many thanks to the quest organizers! We received a lot of positive emotions, worked as one team of friends and had fun just before our school exams! It was very interesting to solve different riddles, look for stations and perform tasks. I think the most fun parts were planting flowers (we tried hard and the whole team contributed) and answering the charade-type questions. 
Anastasia Moroz, 1st year student, psychology major, DonNU
"We liked planting the flowerbed, and we felt that we did not just complete a task but actually contributed to nature, to our own lives."
Team "Winnie-the-Poohs" 
"Big thanks to the organizers of the event  “Eco-Style” which left a good mood and positive emotions while demonstrating the environmental problems of mankind. The challenges gave us new experiences and inspired a sense of unity among our team members. The volunteers at every stage of the race told each team about environmental problems closely related to people’s lives. Once again a big thank you for the unforgettable experience”.
Vitaliy Pustovyi, member of team "Bentos", 2nd year student, psychology major, DonNU. 

"In the Eco-quest we solved a crossword puzzle, played charades, drew pictures, looked for hidden clues in a book, took selfies with Leontovyich, cleaned garbage and planted flowers. As real scholars of the humanities, we coped with everything because diversity is our thing! :) A well-deserved (I believe so) victory followed, because we were running and performing tasks with fire in our eyes and with a sense of competition :) In general, it was very cool, and our team would just be happy to win again!"
Mykhailo Fedoros, member of Team "Bentos"

The following partners and sponsors contributed to the event: coffee house “MR JG”, Fresh Line Burger, Donetsk National University’s Department of Psychology (DoP), Academy of Leaders - a project of the DoP’s Educational Lab, Vinnytsia Regional Organization of People with Special Needs “Impulse”, School of Foreign Languages ​Richword. Partners provided volunteers for the quest and donated prizes to all participants.


Ternopil residents learn why it is cool to be a fish and how to save the world

Last weekend, the event for which all of Ternopil had been waiting finally took place. The "SDG Quest" was a home run! They say you’ll spend the day the way you started your morning. If that wisdom holds true, the rest of this summer will surely be as action-packed as its first weekend. Good feelings spread all around- and we learned a lot!

On June 4, the downtown of Ternopil became a platform for getting acquainted with the Sustainable Development Goals. Seven teams of different ages and backgrounds participated in the quest. 

There were teams of boys aged 26-27 years, students in the 11th grade, university students of different years of study from different universities (Medical, Polytechnic, Economics) and representatives of NGO "Faine Misto". In total, about 70 people were involved in the quest, including volunteers who conducted the quest and instructors of the Youth Center at the NGO "Ukrainian Council for Resuscitation and Emergency Medical Care" who gladly conducted master classes for participants on first aid (Goal 3).

The quest started at noon and lasted for about four and a half hours. Participants discovered all locations on the territory spanning from the theater to the city lake. The tasks were different in form, from writing project applications and conducting public opinion polls to unraveling puzzles and fun tasks such as: "Why it is cool to be a fish?" (Goal 14 - Life Under Water). Also, teams had a chance to play a moot trial at the location for Goal 16. Tired but happy, all the participants met together for the final location, number 17.

Here is what participants of the Quest said:

"It was just super mega cool and fun and interesting and informative! Thank you to the organizers and volunteers, you just rock! It was nice talking to each one and learning from them ..."
Tania Fedorova (NGO "Faine Misto")

"On June 4 instructors from the Youth Center conducted master classes in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and on stopping arterial and venous bleeding for participants of the quest on Sustainable Development Goals. Thank you for your positive emotions and new friends" 
(from the group

More photos and feedback can be found using #sdgquest or #aiesec_te. See more on the event’s page Disc and Instagram.

Many partners contributed to the event. Some of them had not heard of the Sustainable Development Goals and were pleasantly surprised that young people in Ternopil were interested in these topics.

We the team of organizers hope that this quest is only the beginning! We plan to conduct similar and other activities related to the Sustainable Development Goals. Also, in a few days we will release a short movie about the quest.

04 June 2016

Join Sherlock in solving the Riddle of Sustainable Development Goals

That's right: those who are lucky to be in Kyiv on June 5, will have the opportunity to participate in the quest SherLocked, dedicated to Sustainable Development Goals, whose hero is Sherlock himself. 

The organizer is International youth organization AIESEC in Kyiv, which supports the global initiative on Sustainable Development Goals and aims not only to raise awareness about these major humanity’s Goals, but also to encourage everyone to action to make the world around us a better place.

During the quest, participants, along with Sherlock, will solve puzzles, mazes and riddles. And all this they will perform in teams of 4-6 persons. Each team will have a route on the territory of the Mariinsky Park. SherLocked Quest will consist of six locations, each dedicated to a specific Goal of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The shortlisted Goals were selected based on a global survey YouthSpeakSurvey, which demonstrated the most topical issues specifially for Ukraine.

‘Sherlocks’ will develop a team spirit not only as small teams, while solving the challenges at the locations, but also all together. Since the last task will be common to all and will symbolize Goal №16 - Peace and Justice. Here, participants will get acquainted with the cultures of Morocco, Germany and France, as the final task will be presented by interns from these countries. In the end everyone will be able to realize their potential in a common task that be the culmination of Sherlock’s search and the key for understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Winners will receive certificates for a visit to the quest-rooms of Questium (Partners of the Quest) and much more.

03 June 2016

On World Environment Day Welcome to Eco-Style Quest in Vinnytsia

If you are young, active, purposeful, committed to self-development, you want to feel drive and have a fun time with friends and also want to know how to save our planet?

We invite you take part in the quest "Eco-Style". On 5 June, on the World Environment Day in Vinnitsa, Central City Park (ex-Gorkoho Park), start at 3 pm near the arch.

Find out more about the Sustainable Development Goals and win a prize for your team.

We welcome everyone!

Organisers are students of the Donetsk National University: Yulia Tkachuk,  Victoria Zhmurko Bogdan Bortun, Oleksandra Popova

Contact: Yulia Tkachuk, phone: +38 (068) 513-4514, email

Lviv Residents Invited to Participate in Quest on Sustainable Development Goals

International youth organization AIESEC in Lviv organizes a free quest for residents of Lviv. The aim is to promote the Global Goals for Sustainable Development adopted by the UN to make the planet sustainable by 2030. 

Locals will be able to join the global action in an interesting way. The quest will be held on Saturday, June 4. Meeting place for participants: near the Opera House at 11:00 am. Winners will receive pleasant rewards.

The quest involves a competition between teams at passing all designated locations through the city to the final destination. At each station, participants will perform a variety of tasks associated with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Organizers promise to reward quest winners with certificates for a free 6-week course at the "Language School" with foreign trainees from around the world (details:, and sweet prizes from partners.

Participation in the quest is free.

02 June 2016

Partnership for Sustainable Development Goals in Ukraine registered by the United Nations

Partnership for Sustainable Development Goals in Ukraine - Incubator for Green Communities - registered on the corresponding United Nations website (# 11915). Welcome to learn about its foundations. This is a living document and will change with the development of the Partnership.


The Partnership will improve awareness about the SDGs in Ukraine, map and include multiple stakeholders, facilitate the adoption of community-level plans to achieve SDGs, and mentor Ukraine’s eco-villages and aspiring ‘smart cities’ in the implementation of innovative pilot projects. We will help communities fundraise, efficiently use resources, accumulate and transfer knowledge, and scale successful practices, striving for integrated, sustainable and scalable approaches. The Partnership will ensure the local ownership of its activities, and that participating communities use all the talents, experience, and wisdom of both men and women, and address the needs of all their members, especially the vulnerable groups.

Implementation methodologies

The Partnership will pool together members’ talent and treasure and use crowdsourcing and crowdfunding to mentor Ukraine’s communities in achieving SDGs. We will target both innovative communities (in particular ‘eco-villages’ and aspiring ‘smart cities’) and struggling ones which will be willing to cooperate in integrating SDGs in their development/recovery strategies. We are building a multi-stakeholder Partnership and will engage a wide network of external partners. We will involve professionals and volunteers for the incubation and implementation of local projects and programs aimed at qualitative changes in these communities throughout Ukraine. We will work with these communities to raise funds, to achieve tangible positive change, to share success stories and learn from others’ mistakes, and to disseminate best practices.