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30 May 2016

Welcome to the Quest on Sustainable Development Goals in Ternopil

Summer in Ternopil starts with a great opportunity for residents to learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)!

Our city joins the worldwide initiative, and for residents of Ternopil to have an opportunity to learn more about this, the youth organization AIESEC organizes a city quest on the topic of Sustainable Development Goals.

Quest will take place on 4 June. Beginning at 12:00, the quest will last about four hours. Players will complete 17 tasks connected to each Goal and of course will win prizes at the end of the quest (each team will receive gifts, there won’t be winners and losers). To perform each task teams will have 15 minutes, during which a volunteer responsible for a Goal will briefly talk about it (in order to acquaint more people with SDGs), then there will be 7-10 minutes for completing a task and 2-3 minutes to solve a puzzle hinting about the next step.

Locations of each Goal are different, so participating teams will be awarded maps (each team will have a different route) with the locations of Goals which they need to pass. Locations are within the Theater Square and the city lake.

The number of teams is limited - 10-13 teams of different ages (high school students of 10-11 grades, university students and all others) consisting of 4-6 people each.

There will be 17 volunteers responsible for each Goal, members of AIESEC. Also, international trainees who are currently in Ternopil will join the initiative. These include young persons from India and Egypt. They will tell participants about the environmental situation in their countries.

Contact: Angelina Karpenko, phone: +380979155397, e-mail.
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