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19 May 2016

Join the Quest on Sustainable Development Goals in Lviv Region

Members of Euroclub "LIFE" invite everyone to join the quest on Sustainable Development Goals. 

The quest will take place during the celebration of Europe Day in Sambir, as part of the 10th Regional Forum of Euroclubs.

If you are young, caring and creative, if you're worried about the fate of your country, quality education, the world without poverty, hunger, if you stand for clean water, renewable and affordable energy, sustainable city and community, and support many other global goals, our quest - is just for you!

Our team of volunteers of Euroclub "LIFE" is waiting for you at the central square of Sambir on 21 May 2016.

The quest will take place at 12:45. We hope that five most active teams will compete for the grand prize.

Contact: +380677401196

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