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25 May 2016

Internet quest to take place in Dnipropetrovsk region

Centre for Tourism and Local History "Horytsvit" in Kamianske (formerly Dniprodzerzhynsk) invites leaders of the city’s Euroclubs to participate in the Internet quest aiming to help them comprehend the notion of European values. 

The internet quest was designed and piloted at an open regional Euroforum "European values: panorama of views", held in Dniprodzerzhynsk on 26.04.2013. To this day it remains popular among young people because it engages youth for active citizenship and contributes to understanding the process of European integration of Ukraine. It gives awareness of common European values ​​(expands and refines the concept). Improves the skills of obtaining information and critical analysis.

Quest participants are invited on 26.05.2016 to the secondary school №9 (ICT lab) at 9:00 am, and to the NIT Lyceum on 27.05.2016 (ICT lab) at 11:00 am.

The quest will be led by it author, supervisor at the Center for Tourism and Local History "Horytsvit" Iryna Shestopalova.

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