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21 May 2016

On Europe Day, Youth in Vinnytsia Region Learned about Sustainable Development, National History and Culture

On 20 May local youth in the city of Lypovets in the Vinnytsia region took part in the quest "Patriot Games", celebrating Europe Day.

The aim of the event was to interest young people to learn about the sources of national history and culture, promote patriotism and environmental education; awaken national consciousness; and disseminate information about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development as an inalienable human right to life and self-realisation.

Organizers: Lipovets City Council, Children and Youth Centre of the Lypovets District.

Four teams comprised of young people aged 14 to 35 took part in the quest. Participants named their teams and designed their teams’ logos. The quest started in the bicycle park, where each team was given a route sheet and the first hint which the team had to solve to find the next location. Each team had a different route so that teams did not meet.

At each of the seven locations, participants were facing a new challenge, resolving which they received an envelope with a clue about the next location, and the grade, which depended on the accuracy, speed and quality of execution of the task, as well an element of the key to help solve the main challenge. The latter included composing a single word, which had to be with presented at the last location together with the route scorecard. The final stage for the teams was the patriotic flash mob dance in which the quest participants built an even stronger team.

 At the end of the quest the winners were determined, all the teams received prizes and sweet gifts from the Mayor of Lypovets.

Throughout the event a friendly atmosphere dominated, all participants shared a good mood. In addition to new knowledge obtained during fulfilling the tasks of the quest, teams received a lot of positive emotions.


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