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23 May 2016

Drive and Diversity - Feedback by Participants of the Quest on Sustainable Development Goals in Sievierodonetsk

On 20 May 2016 the Resource Center for Sustainable Development at the Dahl East-Ukrainian University (EAU) participated in the organization of Europe Day celebration in the Lugansk region. The festival was organized by Lugansk Regional State Administration with the support of United Nations Development Programme Sievierodonetsk Office and other UN agencies. The central event organized by the Resource Center was a quest - a dynamic quiz dedicated to European values ​​and goals of sustainable development - global development benchmarks recognized by all member-states of the United Nations. 

The quest became a very interesting adventure, which volunteers from among the students and professors of the EAU helped organize and conduct. 13 teams of students of city schools, students and even professors, and residents of Sievierodonetsk and the Lugansk region were the Quest participants. Each team received a Europassport - informal but nonetheless valuable recognition of their willingness and resiliency of intention to implement the European integration orientation in social and personal life. Teams had to find and get around five locations where they familiarized with the Sustainable Development Goals, answer questions and perform certain tasks. The questions were designed as crosswords, quizzes, pictures, and the tasks included searching for ‘agents’ on the square, participating in a mini flashmob, finding items, taking part in games.

Participants had to demonstrate knowledge on sustainable development, knowledge of European experience in sustainability, logic and speed of thought. For correct answers and completed tasks, participants received stickers in their Europassports and some words from which they were expected to compose a sentence - one of the quotations by Ban Ki-moon - UN Secretary-General - regarding the participation of countries in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Winners of the quest received gifts.

Participants said they "liked the unusual format for events like that and the visualization of Sustainable Development Goals (which were made as big colorful cubes)." Others noted the "the volunteers’ positive drive at each stage" and "diversity of challenges: touch, active games, crosswords, etc". Most volunteers said that the quest was interesting for them too, "participants listened attentively to information about the Sustainable Development Goals, answered questions with interest, participated in challenges and searched for hints" and that the "event was bright and cheerful, and will long remain in the memory."

On behalf of the University and the Resource Center our thanks go the organizers for the wonderful holiday, to our wonderful volunteers - for the dedication and support, and to all the participants! You are the best!


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