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30 May 2016

Web quest in Kamyanske: youth shares European values, seeks quality education and a clean environment

In Dniprodzerzhynsk (Kamensky) on 26-27 May 2016 participants of Euroclubs "Esprit de corps" at the secondary school № 9 and "Patriot" at the NIT Lyceum participated in the web-quest "Creating the European Values Bank". The quest moderated by I. Shestopalova, supervisor at the Center for Tourism and Local History "Horytsvit".

The event carried considerable information and meaning. By doing all the tasks on the stages of the quest the youth was to answer the questions:
  • What are the European values?
  • Why do so many people find European values so appealing?
  • How do European values ​fit with the planet’s Sustainable Development Goals?
The format of web quest was chosen because it can be compared with a trip to the unknown terrain, where you could meet all sorts of surprises, interesting histories. This is a unique opportunity to teach children cooperation, proper communication, develop their intelligence, navigate the information flows, introduce new technologies and services, while combining training and education.

Participants were arranged in groups and asked to become depositors of the ‘Bank of European Values’. They were to visit all of the bank’s branches and while solving the tasks of the quest, get acquainted with the concept of ‘European values’ and deposit their answers to the ‘bank account’. In addition, all participants became co-founders of the bank’s ‘Golden Fund’, which in addition to European values contained Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Viewing the video "The World’s Largest Lesson", the focus of which are key components of sustainable development, contributed to the emotional perception of the SDGs.

Young people made the conclusion that Europe creates a space for human freedom, security and justice. And at the center of sustainable development (SD) is the preservation of the human species and one’s personal development as a social being.

The participants identified environment as the priority goal for our city. While the priority goal for one’s own self almost everyone chose "quality education", giving us hope that all other 16 SDGs will be successfully achieved.

Feedback from participants

"Thank you for the opportunity to participate in defining our city’s sustainable development goals and improving the readiness to act together with the whole world".
Elizaveta Paliy

"For me it was an opportunity to become part of a new activity - web quest that made the educational process more interesting. Walking along the imaginary bank’s branches I learned that Ukraine together with the world needs to define common policies and actions to achieve sustainable development, ending poverty, ensuring social justice, adequate protection of the environment."
Lyubov Loik

"Today, with the help of this web quest, virtual reality became an aide in the process of learning such concepts as European values and sustainable development goals. I became more aware and willing to share the acquired knowledge and skills.”
Mariya Yasmanovych

"I thought that the game is not for my age, but while participating in the quest I realized that every game can have a deeper meaning, especially when it comes to concepts such as European values​​."
Dmytro Poznansky

"Through participation in this event, I realized that European values ​​can be implemented in any country, regardless of the region, whether or not a country is joining the EU. Nothing prevents Ukraine, choosing the course of European integration, to introduce European standards in the country and to set global goals for sustainable development."
Mariya Lybid 


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