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26 April 2016

Success Story: A Village Resident Achieved Energy Independence (video)


New sources of energy are becoming more popular in Ukraine. A resident of Berezivka in the Kyiv region proclaimed independence from utility companies.

To survive in an open field. Such a challenge was faced by Stanislav, when he decided to move with his family to the village of Berezivka near Kyiv. According to him, in the place where his house now stands, there was a wasteland: no light, no water. He made it all on his own.

Stanislav installed a wind turbine at home and has been generating over 300 kW of electricity per month. Also he has put solar panels and now produces more energy than consumes.
The house also has energy-saving light bulbs, an A+ refrigerator, and even a "thermopot" - an energy-saving miracle!

For such a system Stanislav paid USD 10k, however, this is not the main thing for him. The point is his energy independence. This homeowner is not going to stop there and considers buying an electric vehicle.


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