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26 April 2016

UN Invites Ukrainians to Become Sustainable Development Champions


The United Nations in Ukraine invites everyone to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals and become part of this massive and ambitious program in Ukraine!

Among the proposed steps are the following:

Hosts lectures, sporting events, educational session on sustainable development in one’s city, town, school or university and become a partner of the UN in Ukraine for Sustainable Development Goals in Ukraine: 

1. Choose one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and dedicate your event in Ukraine to one of them.
2. Think about a convenient and interesting format of your event:
  • sports contest
  • bike ride, race
  • round table
  • debates
  • public lecture
  • lecture by students to young people in a local park.
3. Tell about your idea and the theme of the event to teachers in their college, school, university, other educational institution, laying out the plan on one page
4. Decide on the location of the event. Any lecture hall, study room, school yard or local park - all these are great places to find out and talk about sustainable development in Ukraine.
5. Invite friends, family members, teachers and co-thinkers to become co-organizers and participants of the event.
6. Conduct your event.
7. Distribute information about the event on the web sites, social media pages of university, school or your educational institution, adding the hashtag #GlobalGoals.
8. Share the story and photographs of the conducted event on social media pages by adding the hashtag #ЧемпіониСталогоРозвитку (#SustainabilityChampions).
9. Receive a certificate from the UN in Ukraine "Champions of Sustainable Development", confirming your partnership in the program for Sustainable Development in Ukraine

Take part in the information campaign "SustainabilityChampions": 

Tell your friends on your social media pages and on the official Facebook page of the UN in Ukraine on your contribution to sustainable development in Ukraine, adding the hashtag #ЧемпіониСталогоРозвитку (#SustainabilityChampions)!

To participate in the project one needs to make a photo / video in any format along with A4 poster of one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which is easy to print on a standard color printer.

To your photo, please attach a brief description, quotation, your words, etc., which would in simple words easily explain why and how you are aiming to achieve Sustainable Development Goals in Ukraine, why do you consider achieving them to be important and which positive changes they will bring to the Ukrainian society. (1-2 paragraphs)


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