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24 March 2016

It is fun together to both visit theater - and bring joy to others

Last week turned out to be a busy one for participants of the youth project "Fun2B2gether" which is supported by the initiative "Reloading Donbas".

On Tuesday, our members - high school students who moved to Lviv from the occupied territories of Ukraine, visited the modern youth-oriented performance "Escape from Reality" performed by artists of the First Ukrainian Theater for Children and Youth. The group was joined by new friends - local school students from the secondary school №1 of Lviv. The management of the theater provided free invitations for 15 persons - participants of the Initiative.

The students were impressed by a powerful performance on the path of temptations which can lead a young person to drug addiction; on friendship and betrayal; on human pride and falsity of stereotypes about drugs. The actors were able to reach out to our participants, because after the play everyone vividly discussed what they saw and understood. The topic engaged everyone, the actors’ performance was talented. Plunging into the atmosphere of the performance was facilitated by the music of a popular band "Okean Elzy" and the modern choreography, aptly used by the director and actors.

After the performance our participants ran into a surprise. The actors invited them to the theater’s backstage. Participants of the project received a private behind-the-scene tour by the actor and a good man, Igor Hulyuk.

Children visited the dressing rooms, saw the mechanisms moving the stage, scene decorations for various performances of the theater. One of our members, Svyatoslav managed to interview the play’s lead actors for his video blog. It was a good day together!

But on Thursday last week volunteers of the Reloading Donbas Initiative and the project "Fun2B2gether" visited the Lviv Regional Geriatric Center or simply "nursing home." Our members brought medicines and fruits as a gift to the elderly, to share the spring mood with them.

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