Ukraine must develop as an open, equitable and eco-friendly society

Incubator for Green Communities is an undertaking by representatives of the civil society to jointly create and implement a strategic vis...

30 March 2016

Please meet Incubator for Green Communities!

The team of the Reloading Donbas Initiative produced the following vision of our future work.

From now on, the development in Ukraine of inclusive forms of social relations, equitable governance and the application of best eco-friendly technologies will be the task of Incubator for Green Communities. 

The primary goal of the Incubator is to help concrete communities achieve sustainability, measurable using indicators of the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

The Incubator’s work will be built on the principle of crowdsourcing. We will engage volunteers and professionals for the incubation of local projects and programs aimed at qualitative changes in specific communities in Ukraine. We will work with communities to raise funds, to achieve tangible positive change, to share success stories and learn from others' mistakes, and to disseminate best practices.

Donbas remains one of the priority regions and we are confident that the accumulated experience will come in handy when Ukraine’s control over the occupied areas is restored and the region returns to peaceful life.

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