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16 February 2016

Achieving sustainable development goals is fun when working together!

Young people from different regions of Ukraine learned how to create teams in order to achieve Global Goals for Sustainable Development with the initiative "It’s Fun Being Together".

During the training “Sustainable Development Goals. Teamwork. Activism" twenty high school students from Lviv, Sambir, Donetsk, Makiivka, Luhansk and Antratsyt met together and created teams to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Students learned the principles of organizing teams, including what roles team members can play and who the “Constructors” and “Destructors” are. Participants played the roles of “construction workers”, “members of a ship's crew” and “silent communicators”.

The practical part of the training was designed to promote the understanding of Sustainable Development Goals and the related indicators that were adopted by the United Nations on September 25, 2015. With the motto "think globally, act locally", the participants developed and presented local action plans for each of the 17 Goals. After hearing the proposals, the participants chose the best ideas to improve and implement together during the coming months.
Olena: “I heard a lot of useful information and learned many interesting things. I met wonderful people and we had creative tasks to work on as a team. I was most pleased to offer my own ideas for the realization of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.” 
Svyatoslav: “We learned to work in a team and put forward our ideas, particularly on the eradication of poverty (Goal № 1). Our team’s idea won the competition as the most creative one, and we will definitely realize it. There were many games that helped everyone get to know and relate to each other. The training was very informative and interesting!” 
The ideas that received the most support from the training participants included:
  • charity concerts to raise funds for the needy and free meals for the elderly (Goal 1: "No Poverty");
  • public service ads on nonviolent conflict resolution (Goal 16: "Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions").
  • attracting school students to volunteer work, training for teachers to work with social media (Goal 4: "Quality Education").

Goal 10: "Reduced Inequalities" received very interesting and philosophical interpretation. Participants noted that approaching this goal requires:
  • bringing to people’s minds the idea of ​​the value of each life and the rule of law;
  • organizing courses, trainings, and flash mobs during which people can talk about the importance of equal rights for all;
  • employing imaginative, creative approaches and attracting people to volunteer to achieve the relevant Goals.

At the end of the training, participants expressed a desire to meet again and propose important topics to work on as a team.

Other feedback from participants:
Sofiya: “I am glad that I participated, not only because I saw some old friends, but also because I met some ambitious peers. These projects are useful because they make us think differently and go out of our comfort zone. A valuable lesson for me was the fact that the key to success as a team is not only the leader, but each and every participant!” 
Galyna: "We gained a lot of new information and experience, and we got to know each other through interviews, games on teamwork and creative tasks. I felt how important the work of each team member is. The training allowed me to take a fresh look at the world, find new acquaintances and be in a friendly atmosphere.” 
Sofiya: “I am very satisfied because we got a whole new experience on a team. We met to discuss the global objectives for sustainable development, and through this process we realized what qualities a leader should possess. I have good and funny memories, and a new understanding about what a real ‘team’ is.”

The training was conducted with the support of Crimea SOS, the Reloading Donbas Initiative, and the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund.

Coaches: Nataliya Datchenko (Reloading Donbas Initiative), Kateryna Koshlan and Max Vyshnyanchyn (Ukrainian Leadership Academy)

The organizers are grateful for the hospitality of the Lviv Regional Universal Library (Olena Shmatko), which had already hosted other activities within the initiative "It’s Fun Being Together”. We appreciate the information support of the Lviv City Center of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth. Great thanks to Oleg Protsak, Olena Grabovska, Oksana Nedilska and the Reloading Donbas Initiative for assistance in putting together the content and organizing the training.



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