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26 February 2016

Initiative's Team Members


Although by training I am a political scientist, by vocation I am a journalist and a society activist.

For more than 10 years I had lived, studied and worked in Donetsk. After the outbreak of hostilities I had to leave Donetsk, but still remained in the Donetsk region. I joined the Initiative in order to find like-minded people, thus I want to strengthen the team which wants to restore peace in Donbas.

Through journalism and communicating with opinion leaders I try in every possible way, to keep people in Oleksandrivskyi district of the Donetsk region calm. In the future I plan to run for the local legislature to expand opportunities to influence and change people's lives for better.

* * *

If you are seeking reconciliation and revival in Donbas, welcome to the Initiative! Please fill out this form (, or write to e-mail:

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