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06 February 2016

Initiative's Team Members


I am good in languages, teaching, training and grant writing. I am currently volunteering in France. I am passionate about peacebuilding and conflict resolution, enjoy reading, running and yoga.

I was born and grew up in Western Ukraine, yet I feel connected to Donbas as part of Ukraine. I joined the Reloading Donbas Initiative (RDI) to reinforce this connection, to meet other active people with bold ideas and to make my contribution in reviving Donbas.

Ideally, I see Donbas as a place in Ukraine with vast opportunities for youth, safe and financially secure for people of all generations. This is a place for pilot projects in economic, technological, ecological, social areas. As leaders we should help others to get where they are better off than before.

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If you are seeking reconciliation and revival in Donbas, welcome to the Initiative! Please fill out this form (, or write to e-mail:

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