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05 February 2016

Initiative's Team Members


I am strong in marketing and project management. Besides my work, I like photography and travel. 

I’m from Donetsk, but for over two years I live in Lviv and feel local here. I like people in Western Ukraine and I share most of their views. My relocation was voluntary and happened before the war, but I never wanted to break my ties with Donbas. My family or I were never discriminated, or doubted that Donetsk is Ukraine. The creation of the self-proclaimed ‘DPR’ was a surprise to us, and as the city became unsafe, we had to leave behind all that remind us of our peaceful life.

I am an optimist and I am pretty sure that it’s never too late to restore what was destroyed. That's why I joined the Initiative, and want to take part in projects aimed at the return of Ukrainian Donbas even if it will take years to see the result.

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If you are seeking reconciliation and revival in Donbas, welcome to the Initiative! Please fill out this form (, or write to e-mail:

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