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07 February 2016

Initiative's Team Members


I teach English and work in the non-for-profit sector, in particular with the internally displaced persons and youth. In Donetsk I used to work as a journalist and field producer for foreign media. 

I was born in Donetsk and lived there until the war. Although I am currently in the US, my grandmother and some of my friends remain in the occupied territory. That is why I want to contribute to the Initiative which aims at reviving the region.

There are lots of books and trainings on how to enhance one’s leadership. I can not tell for certain, if I am a natural born leader. But I believe, that a willingness to become a part of the team which wants to help the aggression-impacted Donbas, and my small contribution - is the first step to something more important than one’s personal goals.

* * *

If you are seeking reconciliation and revival in Donbas, welcome to the Initiative! Please fill out this form (, or write to e-mail:

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