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29 February 2016

Initiative's Team Members


I am best in generating ideas and testing innovative approaches. I enjoy helping others and facilitating, and I worked in education, civil society and human rights. 

I am native of Donetsk, yet when I travel or live abroad I quickly start feeling local anywhere in the world. Having witnessed how the war unfolded, I started looking for ways to restore peaceful life in Donbas on new foundations, which would prevent repetition of this tragedy. Thus this Initiative was a natural option for me.

28 February 2016

Initiative's Team Members


I am best in organization of learning, teaching and legal research. I am administering an educational institution, scaling up the use of distance learning technologies, organizing scientific research and implementing its results. 

I can feel myself "local" only in Donbas - coming from Lugansk, where I graduated school and university. Later I worked to make life in the region better, more comfortable, innovative, attractive. I joined the Initiative to implement my vision for Donbas as a peaceful, safe, beautiful place to live, work and grow children.

26 February 2016

Initiative's Team Members


Although by training I am a political scientist, by vocation I am a journalist and a society activist.

For more than 10 years I had lived, studied and worked in Donetsk. After the outbreak of hostilities I had to leave Donetsk, but still remained in the Donetsk region. I joined the Initiative in order to find like-minded people, thus I want to strengthen the team which wants to restore peace in Donbas.

25 February 2016

Initiative's Team Members


I am strong in banking and internet marketing. Development of SMM projects is my hobby and also an additional source of income. At the moment, I help with my family’s business.

Due to the conflict in Donbas I was forced to move to another city to continue my work in a bank. Then I lived in Kiev, where I was able to feel like a local thanks to people around me: friends from my native town and the new friends who were sympathetic to all my problems. I decided to return to Donetsk to help my family. I joined the Initiative because I personally felt the need to help people in realizing their potential.

16 February 2016

Achieving sustainable development goals is fun when working together!

Young people from different regions of Ukraine learned how to create teams in order to achieve Global Goals for Sustainable Development with the initiative "It’s Fun Being Together".

During the training “Sustainable Development Goals. Teamwork. Activism" twenty high school students from Lviv, Sambir, Donetsk, Makiivka, Luhansk and Antratsyt met together and created teams to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Students learned the principles of organizing teams, including what roles team members can play and who the “Constructors” and “Destructors” are. Participants played the roles of “construction workers”, “members of a ship's crew” and “silent communicators”.

The practical part of the training was designed to promote the understanding of Sustainable Development Goals and the related indicators that were adopted by the United Nations on September 25, 2015. With the motto "think globally, act locally", the participants developed and presented local action plans for each of the 17 Goals. After hearing the proposals, the participants chose the best ideas to improve and implement together during the coming months.
Olena: “I heard a lot of useful information and learned many interesting things. I met wonderful people and we had creative tasks to work on as a team. I was most pleased to offer my own ideas for the realization of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.” 
Svyatoslav: “We learned to work in a team and put forward our ideas, particularly on the eradication of poverty (Goal № 1). Our team’s idea won the competition as the most creative one, and we will definitely realize it. There were many games that helped everyone get to know and relate to each other. The training was very informative and interesting!” 
The ideas that received the most support from the training participants included:
  • charity concerts to raise funds for the needy and free meals for the elderly (Goal 1: "No Poverty");
  • public service ads on nonviolent conflict resolution (Goal 16: "Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions").
  • attracting school students to volunteer work, training for teachers to work with social media (Goal 4: "Quality Education").

Goal 10: "Reduced Inequalities" received very interesting and philosophical interpretation. Participants noted that approaching this goal requires:
  • bringing to people’s minds the idea of ​​the value of each life and the rule of law;
  • organizing courses, trainings, and flash mobs during which people can talk about the importance of equal rights for all;
  • employing imaginative, creative approaches and attracting people to volunteer to achieve the relevant Goals.

At the end of the training, participants expressed a desire to meet again and propose important topics to work on as a team.

11 February 2016

Initiative's Team Members


I am best in International communication. 

Although I live in Kyiv, I feel local in Donetsk, it is my home town. I joined the Reloading Donbas Initiative because I believe in its goals and fully rely on its founders’ vision. I thought that it had to start a year ago, therefore I was happy to join.

10 February 2016

Initiative's Team Members


I am best as an analytical writer and researcher, especially in the fields of finance, economics, and public policy. I enjoy reading news and any activity that is basketball related. 

I am "local" to Dallas, Texas, and the United States. While I have never traveled to Donbas, my friendship with displaced Donbas residents has raised my awareness of the urgent need for action. I have joined the Initiative because of my desire to help eliminate conflict and raise living standards in Donbas.

07 February 2016

Initiative's Team Members


I teach English and work in the non-for-profit sector, in particular with the internally displaced persons and youth. In Donetsk I used to work as a journalist and field producer for foreign media. 

I was born in Donetsk and lived there until the war. Although I am currently in the US, my grandmother and some of my friends remain in the occupied territory. That is why I want to contribute to the Initiative which aims at reviving the region.

06 February 2016

Initiative's Team Members


I am engaged in promotion of international scientific cooperation. I’m also good at translations. My hobbies are sports and active recreation.

Donbas is a place where I was born and feel local. I am comfortable in other parts of Ukraine and find local people more cheerful and friendly. War in Donbas helped me understand that I want to do my best to help the local community. That's why I joined the RDI initiative and consider it as a way to contribute to rebuilding Donbas.

Initiative's Team Members


I am good in languages, teaching, training and grant writing. I am currently volunteering in France. I am passionate about peacebuilding and conflict resolution, enjoy reading, running and yoga.

I was born and grew up in Western Ukraine, yet I feel connected to Donbas as part of Ukraine. I joined the Reloading Donbas Initiative (RDI) to reinforce this connection, to meet other active people with bold ideas and to make my contribution in reviving Donbas.

05 February 2016

Initiative's Team Members


I am strong in marketing and project management. Besides my work, I like photography and travel. 

I’m from Donetsk, but for over two years I live in Lviv and feel local here. I like people in Western Ukraine and I share most of their views. My relocation was voluntary and happened before the war, but I never wanted to break my ties with Donbas. My family or I were never discriminated, or doubted that Donetsk is Ukraine. The creation of the self-proclaimed ‘DPR’ was a surprise to us, and as the city became unsafe, we had to leave behind all that remind us of our peaceful life.

I am an optimist and I am pretty sure that it’s never too late to restore what was destroyed. That's why I joined the Initiative, and want to take part in projects aimed at the return of Ukrainian Donbas even if it will take years to see the result.

* * *

If you are seeking reconciliation and revival in Donbas, welcome to the Initiative! Please fill out this form (, or write to e-mail:

04 February 2016

Initiative's Team Members


I am good in communication and partnerships development. I am fond of networking. I work in the Ukrainian social investments fund, organize activities for youth. I have a fancy for floriculture, travelling and social media. 

Coming from Luhansk, I have been living in Lviv for 4 years, but don’t feel ‘local’ here. I feel like a tourist on a long vacation with some responsibilities. I understand the way of Donbas people's thinking. At the same time I don’t feel that today's ‘LPR’ Lugansk is a city of my childhood and university years.

01 February 2016

Youth from different regions of Ukraine will build teams to address global goals

The training on teamwork for high school students will take place in Lviv within the Initiative "It is Fun Being Together". During the training, participants will learn how to build an effective team,  organize a cause and achieve success together. The practical part of the workshop will be built around the Global Goals for Sustainable Development adopted by the UN in September 2015.