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11 January 2016

UNESCO Clubs 2016 Worldwide Youth Multimedia Competition

UNESCO, the U.N. organization that brings grass roots initiatives in Education, Science, and Culture, invites youth around the world to take part in this year’s Multimedia Competition. Choose one of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and develop your solution to accomplish this aim.

Participants: Juniors - ages 10-14;  Youth - ages 15-19; and Young Adult - ages 20-24.

Product: A 3-minute video, multimedia presentation, 500-700 written essay, art work or any method that channels a specific passion that answers the prompt

Dates: The final deadline is January 16, 2016. Judging will take place between January 17 and February 17, and final winners will be announced February 18.

Main prizes: The three finalists in each age group will receive an official plaque engraved with their name and a certificate. They will have an invitation to UNESCO’s Builders of the Universe Camp held during the summer of 2016 in Frederick, Maryland, USA.

More detailed information:!2016-youth-multimedia-contest/c1mbp

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