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03 November 2015

Share your ideas about the future of Donbas!

We invite you to think about the future for Donbas - to imagine how it will look, to dream about future possibilities. Working together, we can create a future worth believing in, a Donbas we can be proud to share with others.

Based on your answers, we will draft the Strategy for Donbas. We will then offer this document to the public for debate. We will seek input from focus groups of representatives of local communities, and we also want to hear from internally displaced persons and emigrants, as many us still have hope to return to their homes.

After completing the questionnaire, we encourage experts to join us for further work on the Strategy. If you are interested, please leave your contact information, or email us at

Ultimately, the Strategy will be the guiding document for the implementation of this initiative. It will serve as a tool for advocacy campaigns and also to inform partners and donors. We are ardent supporters of inclusiveness; thus, we believe that any strategy should be planned and implemented by the people it directly affects.

The questionnaire is available here:

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